Strategic objectives

Thai Civic Education (TCE) Foundation provides critical support to teachers, teacher-educators and educational organizations in their effort to contribute to a democratic citizenship culture through education. TCE Foundation addresses its mission and vision through effective programmes designed by educational experts. Benefits and opportunities of the programmes will be extended to teachers at various level and sectors, teacher-educators at the university level and all those interested in working to strengthen democracy through education.

Therefore,  TCE Foundation is constantly developing new initiatives to:

  • Generate dialogue and discussion on civic education in Thai society and with the international community
  • Support and coordinates the hubs of TCE network
  • Initiate capacity building programmes for teachers and actors working on the issue of democracy and education
  • Establish a sustainable link between TCE network and the regional and international civic education community
  • Develop democratic Citizenship Education teaching tools and strategies
  • Propose policy recommendations
  • Strengthen public awareness about education and democracy