Mastering Media Literacy

Series Editor by Heidi Hayes Jacobs

School must prepare 21st century students to complete in a global society- a world in which cultures, economies, and people are continuously connected. It is the job of the educator to make sure students are equipped to meet this challenge. In the Contemporary Perspectives on Literacy series, editor Heidi Hayes Jacobs and a team of authors from around the globe explore the three new literacies- global literacy, media literacy, and digital literacy.

Mastering Media Literacy shows educators the role media can play in the merging technology and instruction to give students greater access to knowledge, make learning more meaningful, and help students play a more active role in their education. The authors provide practical, proven tips for incorporating media literacy into the traditional school curriculum.

Using this book, K-12 educators will learn how to:

  • Understand how to use media literacy to enhance learning and create opportunities for deeper understanding of concepts and skills, current events, and global issues
  • Prepare students to thrive in a more visually saturated and technology-based world
  • Teach students to evaluate the validity of media and information being shared through different mediums
  • Design rubrics that effectively evaluate content knowledge of technology tools