W.O. Lee (Editor), David L. Grossman (Editor)
Kerry J. Kennedy (Editor), Gregory P. Fairbrother (Editor)

This book is a landmark in citizenship and citizenship education discourse. It combines conceptual debates with case studies on the question whether the notion of Asian Citizenship can be established, and if yes, what its research agenda would be. The book contains polemic discussion,empirical data analysis, consultancy reflections, and descriptions of citizenship education in Asian and Pacific countries.
Its themes include citizenship paradigms, democratization, patriotism, social tolerance, globalization and information society, and colonialism.
The volume explores various perspectives on citizenship, including Confucian, Islamic, humanist, global, indigenous, cultural, political, and comparative. The book covers a wide range of countries and regions, including China, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Indonesia,
Malaysia, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Taiwan and Vanuatu.