Who we are

Thai Civic Education (TCE) Center is an independent educational institution that works to cultivate a democratic citizenship culture. The Center is a non-profit and non-partisan initiative.

Our story

The journey started in 2011 with Thai Civic Education project initiated by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Thailand office, to support a sustainable civic education reform process that enables the system of civic education to fully perform its function in bringing about a democratic culture and empower citizens to participate in the democratic process.

The strategic objective of this Thai Civic Education project was to build a broad coalition that brings together principal governmental and non-governmental agencies around a common platform for dialogue and development of conceptual and strategic framework toward a more progressive paradigm of civic education.

In 2013, a Conceptual Framework for a Thai Democratic Citizenship Education (DCE) Curriculum has been developed to serve as a guide for dialogue and discussion on civic education in order to create a common understanding of the objectives and principles of education for democratic citizenship.

Since its inception, Thai Civic Education working group has organized numerous public fora, capacity building programmes for teachers and experts in the field of civic education and teaching material as a way to implement the concept of DCE and broaden the coalition.

In January 2016, Thai Civic Education core working group founded Thai Civic Education (TCE) Center that serves as the coordinating hub to the civic education network.